Process matching in alert definition

Process string Structure in Database -


["<process name>","<process-arguments><space>","<pid>","<user>","<state>",process related stats]


["upstart-file-br","--daemon ",982,"0","-",0.000000,0.000000,0,1,15638528,278528,0.000000,1]

Any string provided in process list alert definition, will be matched with the process list string.

Suggestions for configuring process list alerts:

  • Ensure the server for you want to monitor process list is a pro server.
  • Open the process list UI for the server.





  • If you matching in complete service name the provide the matching string without double quotes("). Eg. upstart-file


  • To match to the complete process name provide the complete process name with double quotes in matching text field. Eg. "upstart-file-br"


  • To match with both process name and process arguments, matching string will be a like- "<complete process name>","<process arguments><space>". Eg. "upstart-file-br","--daemon "


  • To match with process name, process arguments and also the user for process, regex can be used.

"<complete process name>","<process arguments><space>",([0-9)+],"user"

E.g "upstart-file-br","--daemon ",([0-9]+),"0"


Note: 1) For proper matching alerts of process, please ensure that the string you are providing to match should only match to your required process.

2) Quotation(") mark should be vertical neutral.


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