AWS account setup on CopperEgg with Role and Permissions

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Following are the steps to setup AWS read-only access role with ARN

Step 3: Open IAM service and select Roles. Click on "Create role" option.



Step 4: Select ‘Select Add another account’



The information in above screen needs to be filled from Step 2 on amazon account setup page on
Select Next: Permissions.
On Permissions page, do not select any policy, we will add an inline policy later. Select "Next: Review".

Step 5: On Review page, Enter a role name and review role details. Select Create Role.


Step 6:

When the role is created successfully, select the created role from roles list page.

From role details page, under Summary section, copy "Role ARN" value.
You will be asked to fill this Role ARN in CopperEgg UI in later step.

Select Permissions tab and click on Add inline policy


Step 7: Choose Custom Policy


Step 7:

Fillup the Policy details.
Policy Name: copperegg_readonly
Policy Document: Fill the details that were provided in Step 2.



Click on Apply Policy.


Note :- The IAM permissions are to be granted to the role for read-only access


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