How to set up MS-SQL server monitoring

To Set up MS-SQL server monitoring to run continuously follow the steps listed below: 

As Administrator, run the Task Scheduler (Control Panel-> Administrative Tools->Task Scheduler)
1) Select: Create Task: General.
a) Name:  CopperEggTask. 
b) When running the task, use the Administrator account.
c) Run whether user is logged in or not.
d) Run with Highest Privileges.
e) Configure for the OS you are using

2) Create Task Trigger
a) Select new
 Under Begin the Task On a Schedule
 -Select Daily
 -Set time to current time
 -Select Recur every 1 day

b) Under Advanced Settings:
-Check Repeat task every 5 minutes, for duration Indefinitely.
-Check the Enabled box.
-Clear all other boxes.

3) Create Task Actions
a) Start a Program Program powershell.exe Arguments -noexit -File "C:\Program Files\UCM-Powershell\start-ucm-monitor.ps1" 
b) Leave the options field blank

NOTE: You can select the 32 or 64 bit powershell executable. Above the 64 bit is specified.

4) Create Task Conditions
- Leave all boxes cleared

5) Create Task Settings
- Check Allow Task to be run on demand, Run task as soon as possible after scheduled start is missed, and if the task fails, restart every 1 minute
- Attempt to restart up to 3 times.
- Leave the remaining boxes un-checked.
- If the task is already running, then the following rule applies: Do not start a new instance.

Close the Task Scheduler. Start-ucm-monitor.ps1 should start (if not already started) within 5 minutes.

After performing these step your MS-SQL server monitoring in CopperEgg will run continuously. 

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