AWS Setup on CopperEgg (OBSOLETE)

AWS Setup on Copperegg

 Looking to start monitoring your AWS assets with CopperEgg?  It's fun and easy.  We can pull all of your CloudWatch stats and make them available in CopperEgg. Here's the setup steps.  Please note there's a couple special steps to make sure you can get your billing information into CopperEgg; if you aren't seeing billing data after a little while please re-check these settings.

1. In the Copperegg UI navigate to the AWS Tab and click on the "Add an AWS Account" link for the CopperEgg AWS Account Setup Wizard




2. Fill in your AWS Account Number in the AWS Account Setup Wizard




3. Create a Read-only IAM Role

The next step in the installation wizard will show you the specific list of permissions to assign to an AWS IAM user you will create (detailed below).





4. In your AWS Console navigate to Identity & Access Management (under Administration & Security) --> Users --> Create New Users



5. Enter the new username as "copperegg"

Also check "Generate Access Key for User"



6. Download the security credentials of the "copperegg" IAM user

These credentials contain:

  • Access Key
  • Secret Key

You will be asked to add these two credentials into the CopperEgg UI in a later step.



7. You should see your new IAM user in the AWS console



8. In the AWS console, click on the user "copperegg" and navigate to Inline Policies and click the button or link to create one



9. Choose "Custom Policy"



10. Fill in the policy details

Policy Name: copperegg_readonly

Policy Document - Cut and paste the JSON configuration details that the CopperEgg setup wizard provided in Step 3


11. Enable IAM user access to billing information



12. Enable "Receive Billing Alerts" in the AWS Console

Go to Billing & Cost Management in the AWS console and select "Preferences" in the left hand menu. Click the checkbox for "Receive Billing Alerts" to turn it on. You do not have to actually configure any billing alerts, but if this setting isn't enabled AWS doesn't generate some of the data needed to display your billing information.

See also


12. Enter the Access Key and Secret Key of the "copperegg" user that you downloaded in Step 6 into the CopperEgg AWS Account Setup wizard



13. Complete the CopperEgg AWS Setup wizard

  • Enter a label name that you want this AWS account to show up as in the UI
  • Add any related tags you want applied to any entities in this account



Congratulations, your AWS setup on CopperEgg is done!  You should shortly begin to see performance and billing metrics in CopperEgg.  You can alert on these and we will retain them for a year.

Please be aware that there are AWS charges for hitting the CloudWatch API. After you have added an account, if you go to that account in the list and hit Edit, you will see a tree chooser that lets you exclude assets from AWS monitoring based on region, entity type, or specific entity.



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