Amazon Cloud Monitoring Billing Details

CopperEgg Billing Details for AWS Monitoring

Quick Overview

CopperEgg allows customers to monitor their AWS Account. As part of this monitoring, each user can add one or more AWS Accounts on the AWS tab under Accounts. Each separate account then appears on the left hand menu.

How We Bill For AWS Resources

After a user has added an AWS account to be monitored, by default we will start monitoring all resources under that AWS Account that we support - currently DynamoDB Tables, EC2 Instances, EBS Volumes, ElastiCache Clusters, and RDS Instances. Each individual resource is billed at $1/month (prorated by the hour). So if you run 2 EC2 instances, 1 RDS instance, and 4 EBS volumes for the entire month, that is $7 in monitoring charges.  We don't bill when an AWS resource is down, so this is very scale up/scale down friendly - if you are autoscaling from 1 to 10 EC2 instances over the course of the month, you're basically being charged $0.001388/instance-hour only for the time those instances are running. Essentially we are just utility billing on top of whatever AWS resources you are using.

How To Exclude AWS Resources From Monitoring

A user can select only a subset of all the objects in the AWS Account to be monitored from the UI. Only those subsets will then subsequently be monitored and billed. To select which resources are monitored, you can edit a given AWS account and a chooser appears that lets you include or exclude resources based on region, type, and name.  For example:


If you do not want any AWS assets monitored for a given account at all, then do not enter (or delete if you have already) your account  information under Accounts in the AWS tab.

What If I Install A Collector?

You can monitor an EC2 instance purely using AWS Cloud Monitoring if you want, and we'll pull in the Cloudwatch metrics and keep them for the long term. If you want higher resolution and deeper monitoring, just install the CopperEgg Collector on the instance and it will become a Standard or Pro server as you designate - we will automatically stop polling CloudWatch for that instance and will not bill you the $1/resource for that instance, instead you will pay your usual Standard or Pro server price. We will keep monitoring that systems' EBSes unless you turn that off, however.

Just for your convenience, we still show the CopperEgg-monitored servers in that AWS account alongside the AWS-monitored ones - you can tell the difference because they have the health metrics and other additional information on their dashboard widget:

How Do I See What My Bill Will Be?

Your month-to-date AWS usage isn't available yet under Settings/Account Activity, that's a change we plan to make in the future.  For now, if you go into your AWS account dashboards and see how many monitored objects there are in each one (Object Count), you can get an idea (of course, that is a snapshot in time, which may change based on how much you are scaling). But if you are monitoring 38 objects, then in the steady state you would expect a $38 AWS monitoring portion of your CopperEgg bill - minus any instances you are monitoring with CopperEgg.  The last two widgets on your AWS dashboard should give you this information:


In this case, you would be running 57 objects, of which 5 are CE-monitored instances, for an expected number of 52 resources = $52 in AWS billing.

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