Tags and Dashboard Filtering

Tags are a great way to segment your environment.  One of the ways you can use tags is to filter your dashboard, to focus on only the items that you need to.  

For example, in the Servers dashboard, you can filter on any label or tag, to only show those server widgets.

To use this feature, tt is important to tag you servers first, before you can use the filtered view to find them.  


>> Tip.  Tag your application tiers.  If a server is a production server, tag it "prod".  If its a database server, tag it "db".


You can even filter on the combination of tags by using "and" to find only the db servers in production.  

Here is an example:  tag=prod and tag=db


>> Hint.  Click on the ? to the left of the filter box for advanced help in the Servers tab.

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