Debian 7 :: Revealcloud Collector & Apache, MySql Custom Metrics



Navigate to 

UI  ==> Servers ==> Add Server ==> Linux

curl -sk | sh


/etc/init.d/revealcloud ----------> Startup File
/usr/local/revealcloud/log ------------> Log File

To enable Debugging info in the Log file


vi /etc/init.d/revealcloud

 Remember to disable Debugging after need, so that it doesn't fill the disk.




Pre-requisite for Apache Monitoring

mod_status must be enabled and working over the loopback address

a2enmod status
/etc/init.d/apache2 restart

Test mod_status

curl -s


Pre-requisites for MySql Moinitoring

apt-get -y install libmysqld-dev build-essential

You should know the password of mysql "root"

Navigate to

UI ==> Custom ==> Getting Started


NOTE :- You can monitor Multiple Remote installations too from a central location


curl -sk > /tmp/; sudo bash /tmp/

** WARNING: you are running on an unsupported OS. (IT WORKS WITH DEBIAN 7)
** This script officially supported Ubuntu 10+
** and RedHat/CentOS 5+. It may work, but if not
** please contact

For yes/no questions, type 'y' for yes, 'n' for no.
Or press Enter to use the default answer.
Configure mysql monitoring? [yN] y
mysql notes:
Please ensure that this host has access to each mysql server
that you specify in the config section
Configure redis monitoring? [yN] N
Configure apache monitoring? [yN] y
Apache notes:
Please ensure that mod_status is enabled on the server(s):
And that this host can access the status page:
curl -s http://your-server:80/server-status?auto
Configure nginx monitoring? [yN] N
Checking Dependencies...
Do you have a custom ruby install (eg ree/rvm)? 'No' if unsure. [yN] N
Monitoring frequency (sample rate) can be one sample per: 5, 15, 60, 300, 900 seconds.
What frequency would you like? [60] 15
Monitoring frequency set to one sample per 15 seconds.
User to run agent as: [copperegg] copperegg
Group to run agent as: [copperegg] copperegg
Downloading agent into new dir.
Installing gems...
Mysql dev package is required to monitor mysql.
May I install it for you? [Yn] Y
Installing libmysqld-dev with apt-get. This may take a few minutes...
Installing gem copperegg...
Installing gem json_pure...
Installing gem mysql2...
NOTE: For ease of setup and administration, it is recommended that you set up
all of your servers to be monitored from one place. When specifying servers
below, please enter all servers that you wish to monitor for each type.
If you want to start with one, you can easily edit the config file later,
and add them if you wish. You will need to restart the agent for the
changes to take effect.
Creating config.yml. Press enter to use the default [in brackets]
Configuring MySQL
group_name: [mysql] mysql-debian7
group_label: [MySQL Metrics] mysql-debian7
dashboard: [MySQL] mysql-debian7
Configuring first mysql server (required)
unique_id: [ip-10-239-144-3-mysql] debian7
hostname: [localhost]
username: [root]
password: [] 123456
database: [mysql]
Testing with command: echo 'show global status;' | mysql -h localhost -u root -p mysql > /tmp/mysql_global_status.txt
Enter password:
Add another mysql server? [Yn] n
Configuring Apache
group_name: [apache] apache-debian7
group_label: [Apache Metrics] apache-debian7
dashboard: [Apache] apache-debian7
Configuring first apache server (required)
unique_id: [ip-10-239-144-3-apache] apache-debian7
url: [http://localhost]
Testing with command: curl -s > /tmp/apache_status.txt
Add another apache server? [Yn] n
Done creating config file /usr/local/copperegg/copperegg-metrics/config.yml
Create init file for agent? [Yn] 
log file: [/usr/local/copperegg/log/copperegg-metrics.log]
Thank you for setting up the CopperEgg Metrics Agent.
You may use 'sudo /etc/init.d/copperegg-metrics [start|stop]' to start/stop the agent
Starting custom analytics collection for CopperEgg: copperegg-metrics0
Install complete!
If you have any questions, please contact



gem list
*** LOCAL GEMS ***
copperegg (0.6.1)
json_pure (1.8.1, 1.7.7)
mysql2 (0.3.16)
/etc/init.d/copperegg-metrics ----------------> Startup File
/usr/local/copperegg/copperegg-metrics/config.yml ----------------> Configuration File
/usr/local/copperegg/log/copperegg-metrics.log ----------------> Log File


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