FAQ about the Starter Plan

The starter plan is no longer available, this is historical information only.

What is the Starter plan?

The Starter plan is a highly discounted bundle.  It includes the following for $70 USD per month:

  • 10 Total Servers, 6 of which are Pro (includes process level detail)
  • 120 Probes for testing of URLs and TCP endpoints
  • 2 Real User Monitoring (RUM) Web Apps, to understand most latent pages, browsers and geographies from your users perspective
  • Unlimited Alerts
  • Unlimited Users
  • 600 Custom Metrics


What if I need to run more than what is included in the Starter plan?

You can run more Pro or Standard servers, Probes and RUM Web Apps with the Starter plan using on-demand hourly rates.

  • Pro Server — $0.0273 USD per hour
  • Standard Server — $0.0136 USD per hour
  • RUM Web App — $0.0068 USD per hour
  • 20 Extra Website Probes — $0.0273 USD per hour

Additionally, if you have a need for more Pro servers or 15 or more total servers, it may be better to choose a Custom Plan, which is available on the Subscription Settings page, on the right side of the middle panel: "or choose custom plan"


Where do I choose my plans?

Plans are available on the Subscription Settings page.  Settings Tab > Subscription Settings



*Note: There is a minimum of $70 USD per month for any CopperEgg paid plan.


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