CopperEgg Collector 'Limited Access Install' Option for Linux Servers

Last Updated: June 1, 2015

When installing the CopperEgg collector on a Linux server, there are two options available.

The one we get questions about is the "limited access"  installation choice, selected by setting RC_LIMITED_ACCESS=y.

The limited access install configures the CopperEgg collector to run in a non-privileged  mode (not root).  Specifically, it does not set the CopperEgg collector binary to run as setuid.

From a feature perspective, the only thing that you currently lose with the limited access mode is that it does not give you visibility into process connections, which is used in the Server Map view to show connections between servers at the process level.  

If you do not intend to take full advantage of this additional Server Map feature, this mode is a fine choice for those that do not want to run the collector as root.  

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