How do I add additional notification mechanisms to alerts?

Last Updated: September 17, 2013

Alerts and Notification Mechanisms have a many to many relationship.  By default the email that was used to signup will be associated with the default set of alerts.

1. If you change your default email and the person that signed up for the account, the email does not get updated in the default alerts.  You must edit each alert to correct to the new email.

     Alerts Tab > Configure Alerts: 

2. If you add additional notification mechanisms to your account, you need to add each notification profile to any alerts for which you want to enable that mechanism.

     Alerts Tab > Configure Alerts: 

We do this so that you can segment the notification mechanism as you need.  You many want high priority alerts to go to mobile push or SMS,  but informational alerts to go to Hipchat.

Note, if you want to use Push notifications on your mobile device, you will need to install the mobile app first on your device: Activate the app on the device and log into your CopperEgg account once for push to show up in the UI for selection.

3. To add additional notification mechanisms to your personal profile

     Alerts Tab > Notification Profiles - then edit your profile 

4. To add additional custom notification profiles, like a group email alias:

     Alerts Tab > Notification Profiles - Add a Profile


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