Removing the Custom Metrics agent

This article refers to the agent that is installed via the "Getting Started" page on the "Custom" tab within the CopperEgg app:

To remove the agent, first stop it using one of these commands:

  • sudo stop copperegg-metrics
  • sudo /etc/nit.d/copperegg-metrics stop
  • kill `ps aux | grep copperegg-agent.rb | awk '{print $2}'`
Then remove the files:
  • rm /etc/init/copperegg-metrics.conf  # if it exists
  • rm /etc/init.d/copperegg-metrics  # if it exists
  • rm -rf /usr/local/copperegg

NOTE: older installs may need to replace 'copperegg-metrics' in the above with 'revealmetrics-agent'.  'revealmetrics-agent' is the old name and should not be used in new installs
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