How do I setup or create a new website probe?

Its easy to setup a new Website or TCP probe.

Just go to the Probes tab.  Then select "Add a Probe" in the left nav.

  • Give the probe a description
  • Select the Protocol
    • If HTTP or HTTPS:
      • Enter the URL you want to test
      • Select whether you want to do a Get or Post
      • If you select Get, you can opt to test if the response contains or does not contain a text string
      • If you select Post, enter your parameters to post, and again, you can test for the response
    • If TCP, complete the IP address or Host address and Port specifics
    • If ICMP (ping), enter IP address
  • Select your frequency, either 15 seconds, 60 or 300 seconds.   Note:15 seconds is best for 1 minute alerting.
  • Select the testing stations that you want to test your website or port from, at the frequency selected in the field above (note that each station will test with each testing cycle).  We recommend as a best practice to select at least 3-5 testing stations, to reduce the risk of false positives from any one testing station or network path.
  • Add your tags now to better filter your dashboard or target your alerts later
  • Then select save and your probe will activate in a few seconds
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